Monday, February 14, 2011

Autism Performed (& love match)

"Fly Away" by Janet Grillo
tells the story of a single mother, Jeanne, grappling with the challenge of raising her autistic teenage daughter, Mandy. As Mandy becomes more and more unmanageable, so too does Jeanne╩╝s life. Over the period of two weeks, Jeanne is confronted with the most difficult decision a parent can make: to let go, allowing her child to grow, but also grow apart, or to hold on tight and fall together.

Janet Grillo is an Emmy Award winning producer, an Award winning writer and director and she was Executive Producer of the documentary "Autism: The Musical" an HBO Documentary.

"Autism: The Musical" by Tricia Regan
As in 1980, autism was a relatively rare disorder, diagnosed in one in 10,000 children in the United States and now it is one in 150, "Autism: The Musical" counters todays bleak statistics with one womans optimistic pledge to lead a group of autistic children in defying diagnosed expectations by writing, rehearsing and performing their own full-length musical.

Winner of many Audience Awards in USA film festivals grants its privileges to the new HBO Documentary

"Monica & David" by Alexandra Codina

"Monica & David" is Alexandra Codina's new documentary and after interviewed by and with her own words "is mostly a love story. It’s about the romance between my cousin Monica and her husband David, who is the love of her life. [The two happen to have Down Syndrome.] The film is a very intimate way of getting to know two people and their family and their every day drama, and of coming to understand that they really want what we all want—to be loved, to be accepted, and to have opportunities in life."

"Monica & David", was the Tribeca Film Fesival 2010 winner for Best Documentary Feature, IDFA Festival (Amsterdam) 2nd Audience Award among some more awards and festival participations.

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